Better fonts and more symbols with Gentoo

What do I need? It’s really annoying when viewing some random website and all you see is those boxes instead of the actual symbol. So the first thing to do is to install some fonts that support many code points, like Google’s Noto. There’s also alot of web pages that use Microsoft’s Corefonts. When it comes to the licensing, Google’s Noto is under the SIL Open Font License - which is open source - which is nice.

Creating the real Hyperboria in the North

Luleå, Sweden, is actually not that far away from Hyperborea. Note: I’m actually talking about the Cjdns mesh network, Hyperboria, not any mythical utopia. Background I’ve been thinking of running a mesh network since ~4 years ago when I and a classmate had a school project where we tried to make an Cjdns network that was easy to join for everyone using a user friendly captive portal. So, now I’m at it again, and forcing some friends to participate in a IBSS + B.

Gentoo with DM-Crypt LUKS and EFI

What?! This article serves as somekind of meta instruction for installing Gentoo with DM-Crypt LUKS. It’s my preferred setup with a Gentoo with OpenRC and EFI running on an encrypted harddrive. The guide is heavily based upon Sakaki’s EFI Install Guide. If this is your first time installing Gentoo it’s probably a better idea to follow Sakaki’s EFI Install Guide, or follow the Gentoo’s Handbook Burn Minimal Installation CD to USB Download the Minimal Installation CD from: https://www.